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Connections Made With Other Courses

During my time in history class I made connections with what I was learning in other courses and what I learnt in History 1120. For example, in my other course Communications 1290 we were taught how people come from all… Continue Reading →

Friendships From This Course

In the class we were put into different groups. This was great cause I got to make connections with my group members (Meghan, Alex, Evan, and Caroline). In class we would sit together and discuss how school was going and… Continue Reading →

Is Studying History Important?

Many people do not understand the importance of studying history. There are a number of reasons why studying is important. It helps us understand where are society came from. Throughout the course we constantly saw how society was evolving into… Continue Reading →

Relating to This Course

Making connections in university courses are very important. In this History course I made many connections. Whether is was with others in the class or with the course material itself. The material in the course was not always the easiest to… Continue Reading →

A Surprise Coming Out of This Course

When I was working on my research paper on The Pig War I asked my dad to read over my paper. He then called me after reading my paper and said that he found my paper very interested. My dad… Continue Reading →

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